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Charlie and Dani: Still hot.

Before the hiatus, I was annoyed because Charlie seemed to do his goofy/Zen thing less than he did in season one. But he did it a lot in this episode, and that was awesome.

Tidwell was likable. What the hell?

No, seriously, what the hell?

Charlie making his bullet of vengeance made me do a morbid happydance. I love it when his dangerous side comes out. And he was listening to his Zen tape while he did, which made me realize that the goofy/Zen thing is his coping mechanism, he did less of it in pre-hiatus S2 because he was healing, and he's doing it more now because he's damaged again.

Charlie posing with the sun in the background when they arrested mountain-climbing/skydiving guy made me LOL. I know from commentaries that the people making the show have a thing for Charlie and light, but come on.

For about half a minute, I thought that Charlie actually had killed Bad Guy Whose Name I Don't Remember. In that half-minute, I shipped him with Elle Greenaway. Criminal Minds has devoured my brain.

Now I want a Life/Criminal Minds crossover. Charlie could be weird at the BAU team, Reid could be encyclopedic about Zen practices, and Dani and Hotch could share long-suffering Serious Person Having To Put Up With This Insanity Every Day looks.

Yay for Ted being out of jail!


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