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My subconscious is awesome for giving me a dream where Penelope Garcia and I were in an Avatar-like universe, on the run from bad guys who were almost identical to Darth Vader and the Emperor.

Life was awesome. Charlie minor spoiler ) was priceless.

I caved in and watched Dollhouse. I'm not impressed. I wasn't impressed with this week's Sarah Connor Chronicles, either. I did, however, enjoy the Watchmen and Hulu commercials.

Bad day overall. I'm PMSing hard, and I'm not sure if my drowsiness was caused by that, or by my recent medication change. Plus, an earache I've had on and off for months is back. >:(

But I proved to myself that I can still do some writing while having a bad day, and that's always a plus.
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It is so incredibly good to be back home where I have a constant internet connection and don't have to have my anxiety triggered every day.

Liked the new Life episode. I'm still baffled by how little I hate Tidwell. I still haven't forgiven him for the incredible jackass he was earlier this season, though.

Also liked the new Criminal Minds. Especially since Reid's purple scarf made an appearance. I have an unreasonable love for that scarf.

I don't think I'll be watching Dollhouse. It sounds squicky, and this is coming from someone who recently enjoyed a Criminal Minds episode that involved necrophilia.


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