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Today sucked.

Good things: Watchmen clips. Chocolate cookies. New episode of Criminal Minds.

I think spent a little too much time focusing on Reid, despite him not doing much in this episode. My conclusions: His hair's just the right length for its waviness to be obvious, and I don't know whether it's ridiculous or gorgeous, but either way, I love it. Also, a black vest over a burgundy shirt is a really good color combination for him.

I love Garcia for giving Henry a baby-sized leather jacket, and for having a bright yellow mug that says "miracle worker," and for practically being flirty with Rossi about his book tour. Or was that outright flirty? If it had been Morgan I'd have called it flirty, but as it was not Morgan, I don't know. Teasing, maybe?

I can almost deal with Hotch calling Rossi "Dave," but I cannot deal with Rossi calling Hotch "Aaron." Hotch has no first name, dammit!

Rossi paying for Zoe's mortuary costs is a little creepy, right? 'Cause I love creepiness in a profiler.

This is the second time they've found out that an unsub read Rossi's books. I think he can join Reid in complaining that he never has any normal fans.

I started to the unsub at the end, when he confessed, said he always knew he'd go back to prison someday, and wanted to know why he was the way he was. And now I kind of want fic of him and Nathan Harris from "Sex, Birth, Death."

I love JJ's revelation that Rossi is why she joined the FBI.
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